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Holo Wall

Holo Wall


Fan quantaty:
From 2 till 48 (and more)
Wall size:
From 0.7 till 12 sq.m. (and more)
Electric Power (W):
48 (W) for itch fan
From 1.5 kg.

Holo WALL - designed for use at events, exhibitions, concerts, etc., perfect for decorating large scenes or stands at exhibitions. Holo WALL will be the centerpiece of any event and will attract attention. 

Holo.lv will help in the production of 3D content of any size and complexity, from a simple logo to 3D studio work. 

Holo.lv specialists will help you with both installation and maintenance of Holo WALL. You can install the wall on any other wall, column, ceiling, or on portable brackets or racks.

With proper use and timely service, the life of the Holo WALL is more than 50,000 hours.


from 200 €

Holo Wall

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